The Foodservice Story

While our retail storefronts opened more than 20 years ago, in NYC, making our “secret sauce” available to other retail and foodservice operators that share our mission of bringing hearty, high quality comfort food to busy, hungry people has been in effect for over 15 years.

Now those hundreds of New Yorkers served have grown to millions of people across NY, Long Island, and Boston in our restaurants and beyond through our Foodservice partnerships with retailers in all segments across the US and online.  While we have grown beyond our humble beginnings, our soup is still made the same way it was the day we first opened: 100% from scratch, in our own kitchen. No matter what else changes in our busy lives, that's one thing we won't go changing and our guests as well as those of our partners can always count on.

We chose a name in Hale & Hearty that described our food and culture — robust and wholesome, while promoting wellness, body and soul.

Our Kitchen

"If you liked it as a kid, you'll love it as a soup."

Meet our Executive Chef, Bruce Rogers—the culinary mind behind our encyclopedic rotation of soul-warming soups. A Brooklyn native and down to earth lover of great food, he’s been making soup since he was a kid in his family’s kitchen. Over the years, he’s created more than 500 soup recipes, from soothing comfort classics to bold, unique flavors. 

Our USDA certified Commissary in Brooklyn - produces over 1.5MM Gallons of Soup a year…. that’s over 65K 8oz cups of soup per day! Our men and women are peeling, cutting, and cooking thousands of pounds of fresh ingredients like corn, celery, potatoes, and more every day. As an example, we use 6,600 lbs of chicken bones a day to make our signature bone broth stock.